Intoxicated Driver Program

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Wisconsin’s OWI Laws

Wisconsin is serious about reducing the personal loss and tragedy brought about by impaired driving.  That’s why the law doesn’t stop at just a fine and license suspension.  State law requires you to complete an assessment and a driver safety plan in order for you to have full driving privileges in Wisconsin and other states. The Hope Council on Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse, Inc. is required by law to follow certain procedures. Throughout your contact with us you will be treated in a respectful, courteous and professional manner. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
What is an Assessment?

The assessment appointment consists of an interview with a state of Wisconsin-trained alcohol and other drug abuse assessor.  Its purpose is to determine your level of alcohol or other drug use.  The appointment normally takes 45 minutes to an hour. You are expected to abstain from any use of alcohol, illegal or non-prescribed drugs for 24 hours preceding your scheduled assessment appointment.  In some cases a second visit or permission to contact a family member or other person will be required.  All information is kept strictly confidential.  The Department of Transportation and the agency to which you are referred to complete your driver safety plan will receive copies of your assessment and driver safety plan. 

Getting Started

Assessments are mandated for every person convicted of operating a vehicle while intoxicated or impaired. Depending on the individual’s situation, an assessment can be completed voluntarily before a conviction (pre-trial) or after conviction.  If you complete the assessment before your conviction, completion of the driver safety plan may be required by the Department of Transportation even if you are not convicted.  Completing the assessment and the driver safety plan are required for you to continue driving in Wisconsin.  If you do not comply, the Hope Council is required by law to send a non-compliance report to the Department of Transportation, and your driving privileges may be withdrawn.  State law has set timelines for the requirements, so prompt participation is important. 
How to Schedule an Assessment Appointment

There are a couple ways you can set up an appointment for your assessment. First, you can come into our office with your court order and police report or criminal complaint, fill out paperwork, pay the fee and an appointment will be set up for you. Second, you can either send us a check or money order with the completed documents below or call us with a credit card for payment, at this time we would collect some quick, general information and then set up an appointment. Either way you choose to set up an appointment,
the payment and forms are due up front. Acceptable payment types are cash, check, money order, MasterCard or Visa. Payment arrangements are also available, but full payment must be received before an appointment is scheduled.

** A copy of all Operating While Impaired/Driving Under the Influence arrest reports (police report or criminal complaint) MUST be submitted to Hope Council on Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse before an assessment can be scheduled. The arrest report is required so that assessors can ensure an accurate assessment. For clients with multiple OWI/DUI offenses, a report will be needed for each offense that has not been assessed.

Kenosha County Record Requests:
Racine County Record Requests:
Milwaukee County Record Requets: Services/ObtainReports.htm#.WnoMNTUrLIW

​​          **Requests may take 7-10 days to be processed and all required time frames will be adhered to**

Please carefully read through all the documents.

Please complete and return these documents:

You are required to schedule your assessment within 14 days of your conviction or within 45 days of your order from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.  

Driver Safety Plan

During the assessment interview, a driver safety plan will also be developed and required of you based upon the results of the assessment. Driver safety plans usually result in a referral to either an education program (Traffic Safety School), a treatment program, or, in some cases, both.  You will likely also be required to attend an Impact Panel presentation.  When you have successfully completed your assessment and driver safety plan, the Hope Council will send a completion report to the Department of Transportation, and your driving privileges may be fully reinstated.  If you do not promptly complete the assessment and driver safety plan, the Council is required by law to send a non-compliance report to the Department of Transportation, and your driving privileges may be withdrawn.


State law permits that fees be associated with all aspects of the Intoxicated Driver Program process. The following fees apply in Kenosha County:

  • Assessment fee: $255.00
  • Assessment fee + Non-compliance fee: $305.00
  • An additional $135 will be added to fees if an individual has 3+ lifetime offenses                                               

Costs will vary depending on whether your Driver Safety Plan involves education and/or treatment. You are responsible for all education costs. If your Driver Safety Plan involves treatment, a determination is made as to your costs based on your insurance coverage and your ability to pay. Please be sure to have insurance information with you at the time of the assessment, if applicable.

Additional fees may be charged for not completing requirements in a timely fashion.  A non-compliance report will be sent to the Department of Transportation if fees are not paid and your driving privileges may be withdrawn.

A non-compliance fee ($50) will be charged if:

  • Your assessment is not scheduled within 14 days of conviction;
  • You do not pay for your assessment;
  • You do not consent to collateral contacts (i.e., a spouse, parents, significant other or place of employment);
  • You fail to sign releases of information;
  • You do not satisfactorily complete your Driver Safety Plan and/or fail to consent to the recommendations of the plan.          


Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy:
There is no fee for cancellations made more than three (3) business days in advance of the appointment. There is a $25 fee for cancellations made no less than two (2) full business days in advance of the appointment. There is a $50 fee for cancellations made no less than one (1) full business day in advance of the appointment. There is a $100 no show fee for all appointment no shows and cancellations the day of the appointment or, cancellations made the day before the appointment but after the agency has closed. An appointment is considered missed if you are more than 15 minutes late! All fees must be paid in full before an appointment can be rescheduled.                     

**Payment plans are available. Please contact our office for more information. 

Help is available if you have an alcohol or other drug problem. We encourage you not to put off scheduling your assessment.


Responsibility for completing Wisconsin’s OWI law requirements is entirely yours!