CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training), “a non-confrontational approach to getting a loved one to enter addiction treatment," is also offered by the Hope Council on Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse. CRAFT is designed for concerned others (spouses, family members, friends) who are seeking assistance in getting loved ones help. Community members join CRAFT, which is also held on Tuesday evenings, after they have successfully overcome the hurdles to move forward in this type of programming.

Loved Ones Group/CRAFT

Loved Ones Group

The Hope Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse is proud to offer a program for people who have a loved one who is addicted to alcohol or other drugs. The Loved Ones Group is a support group that focuses on education and practical strategies that concerned others can use to 1. Reclaim their lives and regain happiness 2. Encourage their loved one to get into treatment and recovery. “By shedding the shrouds of secrecy and denial, families can effectively shift the consequences of the addiction from the family to the addicted individual.”  Dr. Ed Huges, MPS, LICDC.

Dr. Ed Hughes, MPS, LICDC, created this program from the experience he has gained through 26 years of working in the addiction field. From his experience of working with addicted individuals, he could see that the family played an important role in the recovery of their loved ones.  Dr. Hughes emphasizes to friends and family of addicts that “their loved one cannot begin to get better until he experiences the consequences of his addiction, and that he will not obtain the personal motivation to seek help until the family ceases rescuing.”  This can be a confusing and heart wrenching process, The Loved Ones Group offers support and guidance for families to do this.

The Loved Ones Group meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. at Hope Council on Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse, 5942 6th Ave, Kenosha and Wednesdays, Noon-1:15 pm at Salem United Methodist Church, 25130 85th St, Salem.